Autobag® CTS4000™ Clean Towel System

High productivity packaging for industrial laundering

Capable of bagging over 4,000 towels per hour, this state-of-the-art packaging system incorporates an array of new technologies for maximum efficiency, accuracy and dependability.

A new, large detection eye system automatically counts product as it is loaded, while an audible blocked-eye alarm increases counting accuracy. The accumulating Smart Funnel enables continuous loading during the bag sealing process, and opens into a pre-opened bag for positive product entry. An automatic Bag Shaker activates at a pre-set count for maximum towels per bag.

Autobag® CTS4000™ Clean Towel System

Ethernet-enabled remote monitoring is available, providing real-time access to productivity data, and featuring valuable operating information, such as batch count, total count, packaging speed, and system status. Productivity data is also available via the user-friendly AutoTouch™ Control Screen, which also provides access to job set-up and storage, job recall, and on-board system diagnostics.

The CTS4000™ features a new bag-out sensor and AutoThread™ functionality, which ensures a constant supply of bags and seamless, rapid bag changeovers. Modular components and advanced Replace-n-Repair™ technology ensure maximum uptime.

The CTS4000 integrates with a variety of infeeds, conveyors and accessories. An optional infeed hopper with a motorized conveyor ties into existing, sling-fed production lines. The Scrap Rejection Bin option can be added to track and decentralize items needing re-wash. The unit’s take-away conveyor transports filled bags from the bagger to storage tote bins.

Using Autobag® brand bags-in-a-box, the CTS4000 offers a fast and cost-effective packaging solution.

User Benefits

  • Package up to 4,000 towels per hour
  • Ethernet-enabled, real-time remote monitoring option for optimum productivity
  • Smart Funnel with product detection eye and accumulating function ensure counting accuracy and speed
  • AutoTouch Control Screen displays real-time productivity data, and enables easy access to job set-up and recall
  • A variety of audible and visual alarm systems signal cycle and productivity changes for maximum efficiency
  • Bag-out sensor puts machine on hold while bags are re-loaded for seamless changeovers
  • Bag Shaker settles product to ensure maximum towels per bag
  • Integrates with Autobag infeeds, conveyors and accessories for enhanced productivity

Typical Applications

  • Industrial shop towels
  • Details towels
  • Bar towels
  • Bulk cotton gloves and apparel
  • Airline blankets
  • Mop heads

Technical Specifications

Standard Configuration Hopper Configuration
(standard take-away conveyor, no infeed hopper) (with infeed hopper and long take-away conveyor)
Weight: 864 lbs. (392 kg) 1,505 lbs. (683 kg)
Electrical: 110/220 VAC switchable 50/60 Hz 110/220 VAC switchable 50/60 Hz
Air Feed: 5 CFM/80 psi of clean, dry air 5 CFM/80 psi of clean, dry air
Width: 36 in. (91 cm) 36 to 55 in. (91 to 140 cm)
Height: 63 in. (160 cm) 63 in. (160 cm)
Length: 172 in. (437 cm) 218 in. (554 cm)
Bag Thickness: 1.0 to 4.0 mil 1.0 to 4.0 mil
Bag Sizes: W 15 in. L 22 to 30 in.* W 15 in. L 22 to 30 in.*

*Alternate bag lengths also available for use with 40.5 in. table height (custom system)


CTS4000 Clean Towel System Data Sheet CTS4000 Clean Towel System Footprint Drawing - PDF CTS4000 Clean Towel System Footprint Drawing - DXF CTS4000 Video Clip

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